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The dothosts library is a LD_PRELOAD based library which allows you to
have a user based hosts file.

The library will catch all calls to gethostbyname(3), gethostbyname2(3),
getaddrinfo(3),gethostbyname_r(3) and gethostbyname2_r(3) and perform
a search of the requested host in a local (i.e. a file into home user
directory) to resolve the hostname. If not found in this file, then proceed
with the regular resolv mechanism.

---- Install ---------------------------------------------------------------

make && make test && make install

If you want to use the 'dothosts' helper, just copy the script to your path.
The make install proccess will not copy helper script.

---- Usage -----------------------------------------------------------------

To use dothosts just type:

  export LD_PRELOAD=path/to/

And then new applications will use ~/.hosts file as /etc/hosts (the original
/etc/hosts will be also used if host does not match in ~/.hosts).

Aditionally, environment variable DOTHOSTS will use to change the path of
local .hosts file, for exaple:

  export DOTHOSTS=~/.config/hosts

You can use the dothost utility to run an application with library loaded,
in the form:

  dothosts wget http://test

---- Limitations ----------------------------------------------------------

- Only works for programs that use glibc calls to resolve hostnames.
- No working for SUID programs for security reasons.

---- Development ----------------------------------------------------------

The main repo is hosted in sourcehut:

I've a mirror also in github:

For bug report please send email to the list:


Any patch is also welcome.

Happy Hacking!


The is a library and user-space script which allows you to use a /etc/hosts file in your home directory.




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