Minimal and flat theme for Redmine.
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Minimal and flat design theme for Redmine.


Projects Editor
Projects Editor
Issue Settings
Issue Settings
Mobile Menu
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  • Minimal and flat design
  • Modern color scheme by Flat UI & Espresso
  • Flexible (resolution-independent) icon by IcoMoon
  • Expandable tree view of the project list
  • Favicon (Redmine 2.5 or later)
  • Responsive layout (Redmine 3.2 or later)


  1. Download zip file from release page
  2. Extract zip file, and move to public/themes/minimalflat at Redmine directory
  3. Open Redmine page, and go to Administration > Settings > Display
  4. Enable the minimalflat2 from Theme, and save settings


Library Author License
IcoMoon - Free Keyamoon GPL/CC BY 4.0
Entypo Daniel Bruce CC BY-SA 4.0
bymathias/normalize.styl Mathias Brouilly MIT

Support policy

This theme supports only to the latest version of Redmine. For Redmine, the composition of HTML and CSS is big changed for each minor version. Therefore it is difficult to support to multiple versions at the same time.

Please use the old version when you need past Redmine support.