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as-dr commented Feb 13, 2018

Expected behavior

In the Choo docs on Routing, in the section "Listening for Route Changes" implementing:

var html = require('choo/html')
var choo = require('choo')
var app = choo()

var app = choo()
app.use((state, emitter) => {            // 1.
  emitter.on('navigate', (route) => {    // 2.
    console.log(`Navigated to ${route}`) // 3.

Should return a conso

kylejrp commented Nov 2, 2019

We're not checking the validity of HTML for the demo page. This was noticed in #119.

It would be nice to have something added to check for HTML validity - either something that lints the HTML files, or something that makes the build task fail when HTML isn't valid.

I would be looking for recommendations on how to do this and would be open to any pull request that accomplishes the goal!

bradley2083 commented Jun 12, 2018

Bug report - you can view the issue here:

When using the iframe option and clicking a link to open the modal, the modal opens instantly, but the iframe takes a second to load and while loading the modal container is just a small empty box. This happens on your demo as well as my local dev site. I'll also attach a screenshot of what I'm seeing on my

leeoniya commented Jul 5, 2017

some of this stuff is briefly mentioned in and easily overlooked, other stuff requires reading the code of the demos, and the rest is just plain missing. i think the list below represents a fairly thorough todo list for the docs.

does anyone have a good feel for how best to prioritize the items in terms of greatest impact?

cc @lawrence-dol @iamjohn

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