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Sass Boilerplate for generic CSS/HTML

Done by akella with kind help of Coderiver guys.

I'm using this as a starting template for almost any project now. It includes sprites, assorted mixins (aka code snippets), file structure, jquery+cycle+scrollto (most usable these days). And, that's it.

You need to have Compass installed for it to work properly.


/sass/lib/base - all the mixins and libs needed for us.

/sass/screen.sass - agregates all .sass files.

/sass/main.sass - styles for the mainpage.

Naming blocks

I use BEM naming, meaning .block for independent block. .block__element for elements inside that block. And .block_modification for modification of the block.

layouts.sass consists of all the columns-header-footer stuff, all with .l-* prefixes. So you know its layout.

States of the blocks use prefix .is-*. For example .is-running, .is-hidden, .is-open.

Hooks for js should use prefix .js-*.