Simple encrypted password storage
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sala - encrypted plaintext password store

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Sala lets you store passwords and other bits of sensitive plain-text information to encrypted files on a directory hierarchy. The information is protected by GnuPG's symmetrical encryption.

Basic usage

Passwords are stored in a directory hierarchy, each file containing one secret.


sala init
Initialize a password store
sala get FILE...
Read secret(s)
sala set FILE...
Create or modify secret(s)
sala FILE...
Read or modify, depending on whether the first file exists or not

For more information, see sala(1) and


Install sala:

pip install sala

Install from source:

python install


Suggested packages:

  • pwgen: With the default configuration, if pwgen is installed, it's used to suggest good passwords to the user


The test suite is in the test/ directory. Use the script to run the test suite. For more info, run:

python --help

cram 0.5 or newer is required to run the tests. If coverage is installed, the script can also show test coverage.

The documentation is in the doc/ directory. To build a manpage and a HTML documentation page, run

make -C doc

in the top directory. Docutils 0.8 or newer is required.