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Roundcube plugin to let users control their amavis settings as well as manage quarantined emails
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Roundcube plugin to let users control their amavis settings as well as manage quarantined emails.

Configurable Settings

The user can adjust following settings from the settings task:

  • activate or deactivate spam check for this user
  • activate or deactivate virus check for this user
  • activate or deactivate quarantining of virus emails
  • activate or deactivate quarantining of spam emails
  • activate or deactivate quarantining of banned emails
  • spam tag2 level
  • spam kill level

All Those configuration options apply only to the user, for all other users the sidewide defaults apply.


  • The user can view, delete or release quarantined emails through the quarantine button in the task bar

Notes on the software

  • This software is in an early development status, see CHANGELOG.
  • The plugin assumes that the login name for roundcube is equal to the email address of the user that amavis sees as recipient.
  • Alias email addresses need to be expanded by postfix before amavis sees them, otherwise this plugin only works with the main email addreess, not its aliases
  • The plugin only works if amavis uses a sql database for policy and quarantining, see README.sql and README.sql-mysql of the amavis documentation
  • It is tested only with mysql for now.
  • If a user loads the settings page first time and he has no database record yet, it will be created upon save of the settings.
  • If you find bugs, have comments on the software, want to send patches or have implementation wishes, you are welcome to send them to me, but I won't promise anything.
  • If you find this software useful and you ever show up in the same geographical location as I am, you are welcome to buy me a beer. ;-)


  1. Amavis I document here only some specific settings for this plugin, please refer to Amavis documentation for other configuration options.
  • Create a Database for amavis in Mysql:
    SQL> create database amavis;
  • allow access to this database from amavis and roundcube host in Mysql:
    SQL> grant all privileges on amavis.*  TO '<AMAVIS-USER>'@'<AMAVIS-HOST>' IDENTIFIED BY '<AMAVIS-PASSWORD>';
    SQL> grant all privileges on amavis.*  TO '<AMAVIS-USER>'@'<ROUNDCUBE-HOST>' IDENTIFIED BY '<AMAVIS-PASSWORD>';
  • set amavis database connection in the amavis configuration:
    @lookup_sql_dsn = ( ['DBI:mysql:database=amavis;host=<MYSQL-HOST>;port=3306', '<AMAVIS-USER>', '<AMAVIS-PASSWORD>]);
    @storage_sql_dsn = @lookup_sql_dsn;
  • for release of quarantined emails
    # tell amavis to listen on all interfaces:
    $inet_socket_bind = undef;
    # The ports amavis needs to listen (10024 for postfix, 9998 for us)
    $inet_socket_port = [10024, 9998];
    # new interface policy for posrt 9998
    $interface_policy{'9998'} = 'AM.PDP-INET';
    $policy_bank{'AM.PDP-INET'} = {
        protocol => 'AM.PDP',  # select Amavis policy delegation protocol
        inet_acl => [qw( [::1] )],  # restrict access to these IP addresses
        auth_required_release => 1,  # require secret_id for amavisd-release
  1. Amacube Plugin
  • create a directory in your roundcube plugin directory called amacube
  • drop all the files of the plugin into this directory
  • create a amacube/ file with mysql and amavis settings filled out correctly. A template with the extension -dist is supplied.
  • add amacube to the $rcmail_config['plugins'] array in roundcubes config/
  • create Amacube database as specified in amacube.mysql.schema


This is a uncomplete list of things that need to be done with this plugin

  • Add functionality similar to Mailzu (
    • Add left side menu area
    • Add "show summary"
    • Add Administrator functionality
    • Add Site quarantine summary
    • Add Site quarantine list
    • Add "click on email title" to see email content
  • Improve item selection mechanism


0.2.1 - based on Roundcube 1.0.x support. Support for Kolab styles. See CHANGELOG


GPLv3 - see COPYING file for full license statement


Alexander Köb seb Goran Juri Troy Carpenter

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