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Example blogging service using neo4j for persistence
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A simple blogging service, written in scala and using neo4j for persistence.

A Tour of the Model

Domain Model

Blog Service

The blogging service itself.

  • manages User
    • user creation
    • finds existing Users
  • knows about Blog
    • finds existing Blogs


Users of the blogging system, Users create Blogs and Articles.

  • can admin Blog
    • blog administrator
    • initial creator of a blog is automatically an admin
    • an admin can grant admin privileges to other users
    • an admin can grant publish access to other users
  • can publish to Blog
    • allowed to publish articles to the blog
    • initial creator of a blog is automatically allowed to publish to that blog
    • a user can publish to multiple blogs
  • is owner (of) Article
    • an article can only have one owner
  • is author (of) Article
    • an Article can have many authors
  • is working on WorkingCopy
    • for every Article, a user has a personal WorkingCopy


A place to publish Articles. Any User who "can publish to" is allowed to publish an Article to a Blog, as long as there are no un-committed WorkingCopies.

  • Article is published in The direction here could easily be reversed.


Some engrossing reading material written by one or more Users. Articles can have multiple revisions.

  • next version (of) Article
    • a more recent version of an Article
    • enables a linked-list of Articles
  • published in Blog
    • each User can publish an Article in any Blog to which they can publish This allows a single article to first appear in, say, "Kolleger Family Times" and then later get picked up by "National Geographic".

Working Copy

An editable version of an Article, allowing Users to work on independently, merging changes upon commit. Yeah, light-weight version control that would allow for collaborative editing (if actual diffs were used).

  • User is working on
    • personal copy for each User
  • copy of Article
    • revision from which this copy started
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