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Change the HTTP user agent for DNF.

Related RhBug:923384
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Ales Kozumplik
Ales Kozumplik committed Mar 20, 2013
1 parent 1903e8e commit 15a3eae53690b47945e05186fa64090e59eedf5d
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@@ -96,14 +96,14 @@ def _rpm_ver_atleast(vertup):
import dnf.rpmUtils.connection
from dnf import const, queries, sack, selector

__version__ = '3.4.3'
__version__ = const.VERSION
__version_info__ = tuple([ int(num) for num in __version__.split('.')])

# Setup a default_grabber UA here that says we are yum, done using the global
# so that other API users can easily add to it if they want.
# Don't do it at init time, or we'll get multiple additions if you create
# multiple Base() objects.
default_grabber.opts.user_agent += " yum/" + __version__
default_grabber.opts.user_agent = "dnf/" + __version__

class _YumCostExclude:
""" This excludes packages that are in repos. of lower cost than the passed

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