Python lib for Factur-X, the e-invoicing standard for France and Germany
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Factur-X Python library

Factur-X is the e-invoicing standard for France and Germany. The Factur-X specifications are available on the FNFE-MPE website. The Factur-X standard is also called ZUGFeRD 2.0 in Germany.

The main feature of this Python library is to generate Factur-X invoices from a regular PDF invoice and a Factur-X compliant XML file.

This lib provides additionnal features such as:

  • extract the Factur-X XML file from a Factur-X PDF invoice,
  • check a Factur-X XML file against the official XML Schema Definition.

Some of the features provided by this lib also work for ZUGFeRD 1.0 (the ancestor of the Factur-X standard).


sudo pip install --upgrade factur-x


from facturx import generate_facturx

facturx_pdf_invoice = generate_facturx(regular_pdf_invoice, facturx_xml_file)

To have more examples, look at the source code of the command line tools located in the bin subdirectory.

Command line tools

Several command line tools are provided with this lib:

  • facturx-pdfgen: generate a Factur-X PDF invoice from a regular PDF invoice and an XML file
  • facturx-pdfextractxml: extract the Factur-X XML file from a Factur-X PDF invoice
  • facturx-xmlcheck: check a Factur-X XML file against the official Factur-X XML Schema Definition

All these commande line tools have a -h option that explains how to use them and shows all the available options.


This library is published under the BSD licence (same licence as PyPDF2 on which this lib depends).



  • Version 0.8 dated 2018-06-10
    • Make pretty_print work for XMP file, for better readability of that file
  • Version 0.7 dated 2018-05-24
    • Fix XMP structure under /x:xmpmeta/rdf:RDF/rdf:Description (use XML tags instead of XML attributes)
    • declare PDF-1.6 instead of PDF-1.3 (still declared by default by pyPDF2)
  • Version 0.6 dated 2018-05-01
    • Now fully PDF/A-3 compliant with additionnal attachments (tested with veraPDF)
    • facturx-pdfgen: don't overwrite by default and add --overwrite option
    • Add factur-x library version number in metadata creator entry
  • Version 0.5 dated 2018-03-29
    • Fix XMP metadata structure
    • Now fully PDF/A-3 compliant when the input PDF file is PDF/A compliant (tested with veraPDF). This implied copying /OutputIntents and /ID datas from source PDF to Factur-X PDF.
    • Fix support for additionnal attachments: they can now all be saved with Acrobat Reader
    • Improve XML extraction from PDF Factur-x file
  • Version 0.4 dated 2018-03-27
    • Factur-x specs say /AFRelationship must be /Data (and not /Alternative)
    • Update Factur-X XSD to v1.0 final
    • Add support for additionnal attachments
    • Add factur-x lib version in Creator metadata table
    • Add /PageMode = /UseAttachments, so that the attachments are displayed by default when opening Factur-X PDF invoice with Acrobat Reader
    • Improve and enrich PDF objects (ModDate, CheckSum, Size)