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Package for connecting with Ethereum wallets for dApp
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Web3 Wallets Kit Commitizen friendly

This kit will help connect you dApp to different Ethereum wallets, e.g. Metamask. With web3-wallets-kit, you can create Web3WalletsManager and connect your dApp to the wallet of your choice using one of the supported wallet integrations.

Wallet integrations:

Wallet Integration Package Size
Inpage (Extensions like Metamask or Web3 browsers like Cipher) @web3-wallets-kit/inpage-connector minzip
WalletConnect @web3-wallets-kit/connect-wallet-connector minzip
Bitsky @web3-wallets-kit/bitski-connector minzip
Fortmatic @web3-wallets-kit/fortmatic-connector minzip
Portis @web3-wallets-kit/portis-connector minzip
Squarelink @web3-wallets-kit/squarelink-connector minzip
Torus @web3-wallets-kit/torus-connector minzip
Ledger Coming soon


npm install --save @web3-wallets-kit/core

npm install --save @web3-wallets-kit/inpage-connector or another integration

Creating and managing wallets

import Web3 from 'web3';
import { Web3WalletsManager } from '@web3-wallets-kit/core';
import { InpageConnector } from '@web3-wallets-kit/inpage-connector';

// Create Web3WalletsManager instance
const web3Manager = new Web3WalletsManager<Web3>({
  defaultProvider: {
    network: 'kovan',
    infuraAccessToken: 'INFURA_API_KEY',
  makeWeb3: provider => new Web3(provider), // you can use web3.js, ethers.js or another suitable library

// Create connector
const connector = new InpageConnector();

// Connect to wallet
await web3Manager.connect(connector);

// Get address and Web3 for sending transaction
const myAddress = web3Manager.account.value;
const txWeb3 = web3Manager.txWeb3.value;

// Create contract
const daiContract = txWeb3.eth.Contract(DAI_ABI, '0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea');

// Send transaction
await daiContract.methods
  .transfer('0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000', '1000000000000000000')
  .send({ from: myAddress });

Web3WalletsManager API

class Web3WalletsManager<W> {
    /** default Web3 instance for reading. Uses a provider created based on defaultProvider options */
    web3: W;
    /** Web3 instance for sending transactions. An instance is created after connecting to the wallet and uses the wallet provider */
    txWeb3: BehaviorSubject<W | null>;
    /** active account address */
    account: BehaviorSubject<string | null>;
    /** status of the connection */
    status: BehaviorSubject<ConnectionStatus>;

    constructor(options: Options<W>);

    /** Connect to wallet; Returns account address and Web3 Instance for sending transactions */
    connect(connector: Connector): Promise<ConnectResult>;
    /** Disconnect wallet, close streams */
    disconnect(): Promise<void>;

interface Options<W> {
    defaultProvider: {
        httpRpcUrl?: string;
        wsRpcUrl?: string;
        infuraAccessToken?: string;
        /** default: 'mainnet' */
        network?: InfuraNetwork;
    makeWeb3<W>(provider: Provider): W;
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