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Angular template with Firebase and Material Component

This is a Cookiecutter template, I use a lot for projects that use Google Cloud Platform and it has the following features:

This project is based on Angular 11

  1. Authentication (lazy loading module)
    1. Login (component)
    2. Register (component)
    3. Forgot password request (component)
  2. Core
    1. A nav-bar component with side-nav on small screens
    2. 404 page (empty)
  3. Shared
    1. Password validator for Forms
    2. SnackBar component
  4. Angular material
  5. Full support for Firebase (with Angularfire)

Table of Contents


Before you start using the template make sure you have the following:

  1. Firebase project setup done (example: gollahalli-rex)
  2. Firebase CLI logged in
  3. Cookiecutter CLI
  4. A project name for Angular (example: rex-ui)
  5. Node JS with NPM and Yarn installed


Install Cookiecutter CLI, do the following and follow the instructions:

> cookiecutter
project_name [Project-name]: rex-ui
firebase_project_name [Firebase-project-name]: gollahalli-rex

make sure you have - (hyphen) instead of space for project names, example hello world -> hollow-world.

Now cd rex-ui and do yarn install.

Adding Firebase Configuration

Copy the firebase configuration settings and paste them in:

  1. <project-name>/src/environments/ - this will be your production configuration, lookout for TODO comment
  2. <project-name>/src/environments/environment.ts - this will be your development configuration, lookout for TODO comment