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camrail commented Jun 14, 2021

Hi All,

Firstly thanks for this repo, it's amazing and as you well know saves countless hours (first time using it).

Usually when I setup my django with docker projects I do it in such a way that I exec into the container
docker exec -it django bash and then run management commands python migrate

This wasn't working (I was getting a DATABASE_URL missing error), and after so

masavini commented Sep 12, 2021

the Dockerfile could look like this:

FROM python:3.9-alpine

ARG USER=copier
ARG GROUP=copier
ARG UID=1000
ARG GID=1000

RUN addgroup -g "${GID}" "${GROUP}" && \
    adduser -h /home/"${USER}" -u "${UID}" -G "${GROUP}" -s /bin/bash -D "${USER}"

RUN set -ex; \
    apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-deps \
        gcc \
        musl-dev; \
    apk add --no-cach
JeromeSivadier commented Apr 16, 2021

I struggled quite a lot to find this issue but as cruft is modifying the diff results from git diff taking as assumption paths start by a/ and b/ , it does not work well if the global configuration diff.mnemonicprefix is set to true.

A fix might be to force the configuration diff.mnemonicprefix=false in method

Arfey commented Apr 16, 2020

Will be great have approach to put some arguments for make test or commands some like this.

For that we need add some like that into Makefile.

# arguments
FIRST_ARG := $(firstword $(MAKECMDGOALS))
MAKEFILE_PATH := $(abspath $(firstword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))


and after that add ${ARGS} to our commands


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