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add redis as dependency (app.js needs it!)

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1 parent 4b14b94 commit a2d158bf1fdf1295862852cc6ee7ac075324b67f @akumpf committed Jun 1, 2012
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ sys_dependencies=("node" "npm" "curl" "git")
# define your npm dependencies here
declare -a npm_modules_dependencies
-npm_modules_dependencies=("pool" "express" "request" "npm-wrapper" "daemon" "cradle" "connect" "coffee-script" "colors" "nodemailer" "bouncy" "nodeinfo")
+npm_modules_dependencies=("pool" "express" "request" "npm-wrapper" "daemon" "cradle" "connect" "coffee-script" "colors" "nodemailer" "bouncy" "nodeinfo" "redis")
# color used for printing

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