@punchagan punchagan released this Jan 10, 2018 · 752 commits to release/candidate since this release

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New and Noteworthy

  • A Markdown editor and markdown rendering have been added for qualitative updates #2975
  • Numerical values are enforced for quantitative indicators #2809
  • Functionality to create narrative summaries for a project, has been added. This is currently a beta feature, available only to some organizations. #3012
  • Centralize the creation of aggregate values. This is an ongoing improvement, where the first step has been taken with the RSR Reports using the centrally crated aggregate values for indicator values. #3026

Resolved issues

  • Field partners have been removed from EUTF DEC projects #3055
  • Indicator type is displayed in the header of an indicator in the Project Editor. #3021
  • Broken createsuperuser command has been fixed #3016
  • Disaggregation names and values are trimmed before saving them, to prevent names and values with spaces at the end #2984
  • Adding a new period to a parent results framework with a bunch of child result frameworks has been sped up. #3010
  • Incorrect validation of the measure field for qualitative indicators has been fixed #3019
  • Improvement to how locations (other than Project Locations) are displayed in the Project Editor and other places #2999
  • Resolved a bug in displaying Qualitative update body in the results framework #3031

Code maintenance

  • Analytics siteid has been updated, to split away from akvo.org analytics #3041
  • Missing copyright headers have been added to files #1080
  • Added tests to some utils in the results framework #2987