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Akvo Really Simple Reporting

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[#1000] Merge RC back into develop after hotfix
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data [#991] Cleaned up code + docs
docs [#991] Cleaned up code + docs
features Added go to project homepage statement at the start of each scenario
git_hooks [#817] Updated post-merge hook
scripts [#1001] Added location filter to project directory
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tests [#678] Rename date_request_posted and date_complete
vagrant [#1187] New data set!
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AUTHORS.txt #501 fixed kasper spelling Update Fix to instructions link take 2 #501 update to authoris, readme and licence info in repo [#1159] Moved local dev content to #1273 release notes for hotfix [#565] Moved one level up and updated scripts [#813] Fixed bugs that full dataset revealed [#978] Cleaned up migration script
pg_migrate_conf.yml.template [#813] Fixed bugs that full dataset revealed [#978] Added pre migration script [#813] Updated instructions to use sudo [#813] Added a tab for better readability v1.3, 9 April 2014 [ogl, adriancollier]

Akvo Really Simple Reporting (Akvo RSR)

Akvo Foundation is a non-profit foundation that builds open source internet and mobile phone software which is used to make international development cooperation and governance more effective and transparent.

Akvo RSR is part of the Akvo platform. Akvo RSR is a web and Android-based system that makes it easy for international development teams to bring complex networks of projects online and instantly share progress with everyone involved and interested.

We believe that Akvo RSR can be used in many other scenarios, including environmental programs and monitoring.

Read more about Akvo Products.

More information in these files:

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