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A jQuery plugin to convert normal HTML forms into AJAX forms simply.
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A jQuery plugin to convert normal HTML forms into AJAX forms simply. It Ajaxifys your HTML Form with this plugin. No change will be required on Server-Side.


  • Auto form detect. So, when you use Element ID in $('') "example: $('#ID')" the plugin will check if that is a Form ID or not. if not, it will search inside to get the form.
  • Sends the form data to "Action" url using "Method" submit method (post, or get)
  • Works and tested on IE6+, Firefox (Mac, Windows), Chrome (Mac, Windows), Safari, Opera and all major browsers.
  • Works fine with Dynamic forms
  • Lightweight (~3KB)
  • Easy to understand.
  • Cool for site owners.
  • Work with any CMS.. No server side changes required. Just add the script and run it.


its simple as:
$('#form').alajax({ OPTIONS });
$('form').alajax({ OPTIONS });
$('#div').alajax({ OPTIONS });

options are:

  • type: '' // Type of return value. Default is "text" and takes other values like: "json", "xml", "jsonp"
  • beforeSend: function (){} // Code to run before sending the form
  • success: function(){} // Code to run when the AJAX call success
  • error: function(){} // Code to run when error occures

For more information, please visit: ALAJAX website

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