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Code Folding for Gedit

A simple plugin that adds keyboard-based code folding to Gedit.



  • Move folding.plugin and into ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins
  • In Gedit, go to Edit → Preferences → Plugins to enable the plugin.


Note: As stated in IRC conversation at #gedit public channel, gedit3 is not ready for Windows (yet). Eventually this installation section will be updated when gedit3 supports Windows.


  • Alt-Z on selected lines will collapse them
  • Alt-Z on an indented block's top line will collapse that block
  • Alt-Z on a folded block will expand it
  • Alt-X will collapse all blocks on the deepest indention column (you can keep pressing Alt-X until all indention levels are folded)
  • Shift-Alt-X will expand all the collapsed blocks