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Alastria Wiki

Welcome to Alastria WIKI.

In this site, you will find the most relevant resources about Alastria Network and its infrastructure.


All nodes that will be installed in the Alastria Networks must be permissioned. To ask for permission you must enter your data in this electonic form and make a PR for the files that are modified in the installation process. If an associated will want to remove a node from the network, it is kindly appreciated that a a request must be notified through a PR. Other guides related with operation of Alastria Node are aviable in following documents:

How to set up Alastria nodes

English installation guide Red T

Spanish installation guide Red T

Aceptance conditions

  • Check if the node appears on the netstats tool watching if it has red color and 0 peers.
  • Check if the IP address is Public
  • Check if it is located in Europe within the map through whois -h
  • Check if Node Identity and geth/quorum versions are the correct ones.
  • Verify constellation-nodes.json if needed:
    • Check if last enode has no comma at the end and the previous one has comma at the end.
  • Verify regular-nodes.json. Check if every row has a comma at the end.
  • Verify that in regular-nodes.json file there is no empty rows in the middle of the file
  • Verify
    • Check if enode and ip are the same as the enode added in the constellation-node.json and regular-nodes.json
    • Check if contact name and email are the right ones.
  • Ask for administrative verification.
  • If necessary resolve conflicts and merge
  • Update at least one bootnode
  • Check the netstasts that it is added the node

Other resources