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Fast search as you type jQuery plugin.

It's very small (minified — 2.5kb, gzipped — 1.2kb), very fast and supports old browsers (IE6+).

jquery.lookingfor plugin searches text in list items (<li>) and hides unmatched items. It works not only for <li>s, but for any HTML element on a page. Any input field (input, textarea) can be transformed to search filter with jquery.lookingfor.

Live demo


Download latest release. Use minified or development version.

Or use bower for install:

bower install jquery.lookingfor --save


Include jQuery and jquery.lookingfor on your page:

<script src=""></script>
<script src="jquery.lookingfor.js"></script>

Prepare list of items for following search and an input field (optional):

<input type="search" name="query" />
<ul id="numerals">

Call lookingfor() method with necessary options:

jQuery(function($) {
		input: $('input[name="query"]'),
		items: 'li'


All options are optional.

  • input — input field's selector;
  • items — item's selector, default – 'li';
  • highlight — set true to highlight matched text, default — false;
  • highlightColor#RRGGBB background color for matched text, default – #FFDE00;
  • onFound {Function(HTMLElement item, String query)} — callback, will be called when text is found.