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Small CPLEX C++ API tutorial


  • CPLEX must be installed, of course. Academics can obtain it via the IBM Academic Initiative.
  • You also need a modern version of GCC, that supports at least C++14.

Compile and run

  • Get the code: git clone
  • Move to the new directory: cd cplex-example.
  • Create a build directory: mkdir build.
  • Move to the build directory: cd build.
  • Run cmake: cmake -DCPLEX_ROOT_DIR=</path/to/ilog> -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ...
    • The path to your CPLEX installation must be such that </path/to/ilog>/cplex/include/ilcplex/cplex.h exists.
    • If your compiler is in a non-standard location, you can use -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=</path/to/compiler>.
    • Change Debug into Release if you want to compile in release mode.
  • Run make: make.
  • Run the executable: ./cplex_example.


The Graph class (src/graph.h) is a minimal description of a graph; it only stores the number of nodes and the distance matrix. The graph is created randomly, with nodes lying on a plane and euclidean distances. The Solver class (src/solver.h) does all the CPLEX magic: it builds the model, it solves it, and it prints the solution.


The present work is distributed under the terms of ghe GNU General Public License v3 (see the LICENSE file).