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Haskell wrappers and utilities for OpenCV machine vision library
Haskell C

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Fixed Image.getChannel not using the MutableImage with the relevant COI
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This is a machine vision package that is implemented on top of the OpenCV C library library.

How To Install

The main installation instructions are detailed in the [Project Wiki]. In short, install GHC >= 7.4.1, cabal install, c2hs and c version of opencv and your good to go. According to the OpenCV version you are using, you may need to run the installation process with one of these two flags -fopencv23 or -fopencv24, like so:

cabal install -fopencv24

There is also an [example installation transcript with all the gory details] in the wiki.

How To Use

The Documentation is available at

Screenshots? Examples?

There are some screenshots at and the examples directory of this project contains a plenty of small sample programs.


  • - Workaround for compiling with OS X 10.6 & fixed errors about M_PI .
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