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Pluggable Rally time sheet uploader
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Chronicler is a command line java application which takes some time sheet reporting source, parses it, and uploads it to Rally time sheets.

I suppose it could also be flexible about where the destination is, and perhaps could be more than Rally one day.



Download binary from release tab. Put in PATH if you like.

Run with -h to see command line flags.

You'll want to create a json config file for ease of use. By default chronicler will look for this in ~/.chronicler/config.json

Sample config.json:

  "apiKey": "your-api-key-here",
  "server": "",
  "user": "",
  "workspace": "The workspace you have timesheets enabled",
  "sourcePlugin": {
    "path": "/path/to/a/source/plugin.jar"

When you run chronicler, you'll generally still need to supply some arguments on the command line for source plugins. For instance, if they read your timesheet data from a file or files, you'll need to pass paths to those files.

Here is an example command using the hamster plugin, assuming it is configured in the config.json:

chronicler -hc categories.json -hr report.xml

Source plugins

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