A list of my favorite workflows for developers.
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Manage Alfred Extension.alfredworkflow


Alfred Workflows

A list of my favorite workflows for developers.

To Install

  1. Hit the download buttons below
  2. Once downloaded click to import into alfred

To Update

Run Monkey Patch using the keyword mp. star this repo to keep up to date on new versions and additional workflows.


URL Shortener(Download)

by @zhaocai

Instantly shorten a url with ⌥ + c. This totally maximizes the time it takes to shorten urls.

alt text

Domainr (Download)

by @dingyi

Search for domains to see if the are available! It will show green if available, red if not, and yellow if maybe. alt text

Key Clue Search(Download)

by @zhaocai

Search and control menu bar items while also being able to see what keyboard shortcuts control what. Awesome if you want to learn the keyboard shortcuts of an application.

alt text

Github (Download)

by @willfarrell

Searching Github for gists, repos, user repos, or repos starred by a user. 5000 requests per hour supported. alt text

Dash (Download Instructions)

Dash comes with default Alfred 2 Workflow. This is an extension to that by shortening the keyword filters for each language. Does not require online connection.

Commands Included: dash {query} (default),

alt text

Dev Doctor (Download)

by @sydlawrence

Dev Doctor is one of my favorite alfred workflows. Use the commands to search with it html {query}, css {query}, js {query}, jquery {query}, angularjs {query}, bootstrap {query}, svg {query}, nodejs {query}, php {query}, redis {query}, mysql {query}, cpp {query}, backbone {query}, underscore {query}, sass {query}, compass {query}, wordpress {query}, drupal {query}

alt text

Unicode Symbols Search (Download)

by @bevesce

Unicode Symbols Search is great when you need a text symbol but don't want to spend forever looking for it. It's standard initiatior is 'uni' but I changed it to 'sym' because I can remember that easier.

alt text

caniuse (Download)

by @willfarrell

Alfred App Workflow for caniuse.com

alt text

localhost (Download)

by @willfarrell

Toggle Localhost Services. IN DEV

alt text

StackOverflow (Download)

by @tzarskyz

st {query}

alt text

ssh (Download)

by @isometry

alt text

Kill Process (Download)

by @nathangreenstein

kill {query}

alt text

FontAwesome (Download)

by @ruedap

You can incremental search for Font Awesome Icon Fonts and paste it to front most app.

alt text

Encode / Decode (Download)

by @willfarrell

Using the keywords encode {query} or decode {query}, will transform your query strings through base64, html, url, and utf-8 encode/decode. Pressing enter will copy the encoded/decoded string to the clipboard.

alt text

Colors (Download)

by @TylerEich