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A Fastify plugin to connect to a MongoDB instance via the Mongoose ODM
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Fastify MongoDB Plugin using Mongoose ODM




npm i fastify-mongoose-driver -s


// ...Other Plugins
    uri: "mongodb://admin:pass@localhost:27017/database_name",
    settings: {
      useNewUrlParser: true,
      config: {
        autoIndex: true
    models: [
        name: "posts",
        alias: "Post",
        schema: {
          title: {
            type: String,
            required: true
          content: {
            type: String,
            required: true
        name: "accounts",
        alias: "Account",
        schema: {
          username: {
            type: String
          password: {
            type: String,
            select: false,
            required: true
          email: {
            type: String,
            unique: true,
            required: true,
            validate: {
              validator: v => {
                // Super simple email regex:
                return /^.+@.{2,}\..{2,}$/.test(v);
              message: props => `${props.value} is not a valid email!`
          // We can add references to other Schemas like-so
          posts: [
              type: "ObjectId",
              ref: "Post",
              validateExistance: true
          createdAtUTC: {
            type: Date,
            required: true
    useNameAndAlias: true
  err => {
    if (err) throw err;

fastify.get("/", (request, reply) => {
  console.log(fastify.mongoose.instance); // Mongoose ODM instance
  console.log(fastify.mongoose.Account); // Any models declared are available here


Option Description
uri Required, the Unique Resource Identifier to use when connecting to the Database.
settings Optional, the settings to be passed on to the MongoDB Driver as well as the Mongoose-specific options. Refer here for further info.
models Optional, any models to be declared and injected under fastify.mongoose
useNameAndAlias Optional, declares models using mongoose.model(alias, schema, name) instead of mongoose.model(name, schema)

Any models declared should follow the following format:

  name: "profiles", // Required, should match name of model in database
  alias: "Profile", // Optional, an alias to inject the model as
  schema: schemaDefinition // Required, should match schema of model in database

The schemaDefinition variable should be created according to the Mongoose Model Specification.

Keep in mind that, if an "ObjectId" is specified as the type, the referenced Schema must have been defined first in the models input array of the library.


Alex Papageorgiou


Licensed under GPLv3.

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