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This repository holds sample Alexa skill templates for use in enterprise scenarios and in particular for use with Alexa for Business ( Some samples are more complete, such as the Help Desk skill, but others will be smaller in scope, focusing on specific use cases or integrations.
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Alexa for Business

This repository holds short helper code samples, that demonstrate how to achieve certain functionality with enterprise Alexa skills, and in particular with Alexa for Business. Some samples are more complete, such as the Help Desk skill, but others will focus on specific components of a use case or integration.

A quick word on private skills

Presumably you're here because you're interested in developing enterprise skills for your company. Alexa for Business provides a management framework, native functionality for business environments such as a "join the meeting" intent, and a new Alexa skill deployment construct called "private skills" where developers publish skills whitelisted for use only by a specific set of organizations. You can learn more about private skills in these resources:

Alexa blog: How to Build Private Alexa Skills with Alexa for Business

Alexa Developer docs: Create and Publish Private Skills


We'll walk through the sample skills in a detailed manner in the individual README files, so advanced knowledge of Alexa skill development shouldn't be necessary. However, we do recommend exploring the excellent samples found in the Alexa repository in general, such as the Alexa cookbook.

We also recommend checking out the Alexa for Business Getting Started page, and building a basic fact skill if you've never created an Alexa skill before.


Please note that there is a nominal cost for deploying Alexa for Business as described here, as well as any other services that you implement on the backend to fulfill requests, such as AWS Lambda or other AWS Services.

License Summary

This sample code is made available under a modified MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

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