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Add x and y axis/sequences in order to provide ability for custom x a…

…nd y ticks
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Max Streese
Max Streese committed Nov 22, 2019
1 parent a912977 commit 9beec1424a7a07405fb23542f2fc9d146f2e6356
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  1. +6 −0 core/shared/src/main/scala/plotly/Trace.scala
@@ -237,18 +237,24 @@ object Histogram {

@data class Surface(
x: Option[Sequence],
y: Option[Sequence],
z: Option[Sequence],
showscale: Option[Boolean],
opacity: Option[Double]
) extends Trace

object Surface {
def apply(
x: Sequence = null,
y: Sequence = null,
z: Sequence = null,
showscale: JBoolean = null,
opacity: JDouble = null
): Surface =
Option(showscale) .map(b => b: Boolean),
Option(opacity) .map(d => d: Double)

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