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Automated date parsing plugin for ArchivesSpace
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An automated date parser for ArchivesSpace.

timewalk will automatically parse any values in ArchivesSpace's Date Expresssion field into ISO8601-compliant Begin and End values. In addition, it will parse out date certainties and set the calendar/era values automatically.

Expectations on Data Entry

timewalk will parse any single date, or date span, properly. The following dates will parse correctly:

January 1900
[February 1860 - March 20, 1990]
ca. 1950 to 1960

Date lists will not parse as expected, as the parser will break them into discrete dates. The following examples will not parse:

1999, 2000
January 1900; December 2000
February 20 and April 19, 1950

These dates should be broken into distinct Date entries in ArchivesSpace regardless; in other words, timewalk behaves as expected, assuming good data practice.


Create a plugins/timewalk directory in your ArchivesSpace directory, copy the repository into that directory, and add timewalk to your AppConfig[:plugins] list.


Created by Alexander Duryee at The New York Public Library.

timewalk is built on timetwister, created by a cast of characters at the New York Public Library.

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