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I am not working anymore on this project. If you want to become a maintainer of neutrino, please answer to this issue.


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Neutrino is a MVC GUI framework written in Rust. It lets users create GUI applications by positioning widgets on a window and by handling events. Neutrino is based on the web-view crate provided by Boscop. As such, Neutrino renders the application using web technologies as HTML and CSS. As it is based on web-view, Neutrino does not embed a whole web browser. So don't worry, due to the very lightweight footprint of web-view, you won't have to buy more memory for your computer.


In order to use Neutrino, you will have to use cargo. Just add the following line to your Cargo.toml and you'll be done :

neutrino = "<last_version>"

On Linux, you'll have to install webkit2gtk's development library. For example, in Ubuntu or Debian:

sudo apt install -y libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev