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Implementation of the `using` feature in Swift by code generation with SwiftSyntax
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SwiftUsing brings to Swift the using feature from Jai, Jonathan Blow's programming language. It uses SwiftSyntax to code generate the required code.

To learn more about SwiftUsing development you can check out the blog post Implementing using in Swift with SwiftSyntax.

What is using

using helps with Struct composition.

It allows you to recover the nice syntax from class inheritance when you use structs instead.

struct User {
    var name: String
    var age: Int

struct Friend {
    // using
    let user: User
    var friendshipDate: Date
} // with class inheritance // with struct composition :( // with struct composition and using !!


  1. Annotate a property with a comment: // using
struct Friend {
    // using          <- add this comment
    let user: User

Note that both types must be in the same file. See Known limitations below.

  1. Run the command line tool

⚠️ This command will overwrite the original file so make sure you have a copy or you're using a versioning control system like Git in case something goes wrong.

swiftusing /path/to/file


Clone the repo and run make install.

Known limitations

  • Basic declaration syntax let/var identifier: Type
  • Reliant on comments (is just an external tool after all)
  • Single file, using types must be in the same file.
  • No collision detection, the compiler will error instead.

## Acknowledgements

Contributions & support

SwiftUsing is developed completely in the open, and your contributions are more than welcome.

This project does not come with GitHub Issues-based support, and users are instead encouraged to become active participants in its continued development — by fixing any bugs that they encounter, or improving the documentation wherever it’s found to be lacking.

If you wish to make a change, open a Pull Request — even if it just contains a draft of the changes you’re planning, or a test that reproduces an issue — and we can discuss it further from there.


Alejandro Martinez | | @alexito4

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