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This is the Selenium browser provider plugin for TestCafe.


npm install testcafe-browser-provider-selenium


A Selenium Server up and running, either as standalone or in a grid. Check out the Selenium's Docker images for an easy way to get started with setting up a grid.


If you run tests from the command line, use the browser alias when specifying browsers. The '-c 2' parameter will split the tests up and run them across two browsers concurrently. Omit this if it is not needed.

testcafe -c 2 selenium:chrome 'path/to/test/file.js'

When you use API, pass the alias to the browsers() method:


Specifying the Browser Version and Platform

The browser version and platform can be specified along with the browser name alias in the format:


for example:

  • selenium:chrome
  • selenium:chrome@52.0
  • selenium:chrome@52.0:linux


Use the following optional environment variable to set additional configuration options:

  • SELENIUM_SERVER - (optional) the url to the selenium server. If not set the default 'http://localhost:4444/wd/hub' will be used.
  • SELENIUM_HEARTBEAT - (optional) Adjust or disable the selenium heartbeat. Default is 10,000 milliseconds, set to <= 0 to disable.


Alex Schwantes