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Warning: This tool or project is no longer maintained and kept available only for archival purposes. Since GoodRelations and have evolved significantly in the past years, the current status available on this page is unlikely to function as expected. We take no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this outdated work, to the extent legally possible.

Due to a lack of resources, we are unable to provide support for this project outside of consulting projects or sponsored research. Please contact us if you can contribute resources to update and enhance these resources.

A GoodRelations Ontology Extension for the OS E-commerce Solution osCommerce

This project aims at improving OS Web shop and CMS software (in this particular case osCommerce) by extending them with capabilities for the Semantic Web.

The ontology GoodRelations, a standard vocabulary for e-commerce and complementing eClassOWL, is used to describe products and services offerings and their relationships to other resources in a machine-readable format.

By issuing e-commerce applications with the GoodRelations ontology, powerful tools to annotate products and services offerings on the Web can emerge. To help avoiding duplicate output of data in Web pages, the systems support besides RDF/XML dump output also RDFa, which enables to embed interchangeable formats as metadata in a set of XHTML attributes.

Tested with !osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC 2a.

There exists also a release for VirtueMart / Joomla! at