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Games Pit, a python framework for simple games
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Games Pit

A (growing) collection of small games for children.

Includes a simple launcher and an easy to use framework to make new games.

Install Games Pit in your Raspberry Pi and let your kids have fun with a remote mouse or keyboard.

Further information in the GitHub project wiki:


  • You will need:

    • A computer with linux: a Raspberry Pi, a netbook. A screen is useful to enjoy all the features :-)
    • Python 2.7
    • Pygame and ConfigObj libraries
  • Install pygame and configobj if they are not already in your system (apt-get install python-pygame python-configobj)

  • Download Games-Pit

  • Uncompress the zip file in your home directory. Now you have got a "gamespit" directory.

  • Edit gamespit.conf (in gamespit directory) to set the games full screen and deactivating debug mode (I use to upload it with these settings on)

  • Get into Games-Pit directory and run "./gamespit"

  • Quit Games-Pit main menu pressing "Left Control + ESC" (child-proof)

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