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  1. fairness-comparison fairness-comparison Public

    Comparing fairness-aware machine learning techniques.

    HTML 157 50

  2. BlackBoxAuditing BlackBoxAuditing Public

    Research code for auditing and exploring black box machine-learning models.

    Python 129 35

  3. runaway-feedback-loops-src runaway-feedback-loops-src Public

    Accompanying source code for "Runaway Feedback Loops in Predictive Policing"

    Makefile 16 5

  4. fatconference-2018-auditing-tutorial fatconference-2018-auditing-tutorial Public

    Content for the tutorial on model auditing at

    CSS 4

  5. knight knight Public

    Data & Society entry in Knight News Project

    JavaScript 2

  6. fatconference-2019-toolkit-tutorial fatconference-2019-toolkit-tutorial Public

    A website for the "pip install fairness" tutorial at FAT* 2019

    CSS 1


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