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The goal of this workshop will be to create a sample application using Algolia. For this example, we'll use a Bordeaux related dataset: approximately 1000 wine bottles from the area.

The workshop is split into two parts, one for node, and one for rails, but we will end up with a very similar project.


To follow this workshop without needing to install a lot, we suggest you use:

  • node v4 or higher for the node workshop
  • ruby >= v2.2.2 or rvm to install it for the rails workshop

Getting started

$ git clone
$ cd hack-bdx
$ # now either
$ git checkout node
$ # or for rails:
$ git checkout rails

Finding it on GitHub

You can also follow via GitHub:

Workshop steps

For each of those links, we link you to the repository at the state of the step. Instructions are at the end of the README (We left the instructions for the previous steps).

Feel free to git checkout COMMIT at any step , create a new branch (e.g. git checkout -b mine) and continue forward from there.

Step 1: Creating a basic webserver

Step 2: Adding a basic database search

Step 3: Push your data to Algolia

Step 4: Implement a basic search

Step 5: Push forward (a full front-end implem')