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Algolia is a hosted API for building search into web and mobile applications, with typo-tolerance, fully configurable relevance, and other tools for making great search experiences.

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nunomaduro commented Feb 19, 2019

This issue was created to be a good first issue. The Goal is to study the inclusion of some require-dev dependencies to analyse and detect issues in source for us.

Some proposals:

  • phpstan
  • phploc
  • phpmd

After discussion, we may want you to perform a pull request that includes the tool in the project. You may also have to update the travis.yml.

antoniogoncalves92 commented Mar 26, 2020

Hi, i am currently using your services to implement an instant search to improve system search. And everything looks great till now. But currently i m getting an issues with a model import data, since am using aggregator to use multiples models in one indice.

The issues is like so:

  1. When i add some models, lets say, Contrato, Pagamento and User to the models array property of the Aggregat

Created by Nicolas Dessaigne, Julien Lemoine

Released October 23, 2012


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