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Power your ember.js application with actioncable
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This add-on enables simple integration of Rails Action Cable into Ember apps.

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run the following command from inside your ember-cli project:

ember install @algonauti/ember-cable

Basic Usage

Once the addon is installed, the cable service can be injected wherever needed in the application.

// app/controllers/application.js
export default Controller.extend({

  cable: service(),
  consumer: null,
  // Flag indicating a connection is being attempted
  isConnecting: readOnly('consumer.isConnecting'),
  // Milliseconds until the next connection attempt
  nextConnectionAt: readOnly('consumer.nextConnectionAt'),

  init() {

  _setupConsumer() {
    const consumer = get(this, 'cable').createConsumer('ws://localhost:4200/cable');

    consumer.subscriptions.create("NotificationChannel", {
      connected() {
        this.perform('hello', { foo: 'bar' });
      received(data) {
        debug( "received(data) -> " + data );
      disconnected() {

    // Set consumer in controller to link up computed props
    set(this, 'consumer', consumer);

  willDestroy() {
    // Close websocket connection
    get(this, 'consumer').destroy();

  _updateRecord(data) {
    debug( "updateRecord(data) -> " + data );


Passing parameters to Channel and sending action to your Action Cable channel class:

const subscription = consumer.subscriptions.create({
  channel: 'NotificationChannel',
  room: 'Best Room'
}, {
  received(data) {

subscription.perform("your_channel_action", { hey: "hello" });

Using mixin and inject your services:

const channelMixin = Mixin.create({
  store: service(),

  received(data) {
    get(this, "store").pushPayload(data);

consumer.subscriptions.create({ channel: 'NotificationChannel' }, channelMixin);


See the Contributing guide for details.


ember-cable is released under the MIT License.

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