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Mplayer wrapper. Application is controlled by named pipe. It uses config file for settings, config must place in folder with program with name player-config.json

Config example:

{"music_directory": ".", 	// default directory with music
"base_directory": ".", 		// in which directory start change-directory command
"mplayer_options": [], 		// additional options for mplayer
"output_file": "/tmp/.song",// file for output current song
"seek_seconds": 10, 		// seconds of relative seek
// file that stores current working directory of player
"current_directory_storage": "/tmp/.fifo-player-dir",
// fifo used by program to control mplayer
"mplayer_fifo": "/tmp/.mplayer-input",
// fifo used to control program
"input_fifo": "/tmp/.fifo-player-input"

Available commands:

  • next - start next random song
  • pause - pause player
  • loop - infinitely play current song / disable infinite loop
  • play-file - shows window to select what file to play
  • change-folder - shows window to select music folder
  • change-random - switch beetween random and successive selecting of next song
  • seek-forward - seek forward to seek_seconds seconds
  • seek-forward - seek backward to seek_seconds seconds
  • increase-volume
  • decrease-volume

Usage example:

... # your wmiirc
# fifo-player fifo
startup() {
	nw fifo-player.nw &>> player.log &
# somewhere at shortcut definitions
KeyGroup Player
Key Mod3-q
	echo pause > $PLAYER_FIFO_IN &
Key Mod3-x
	echo next > $PLAYER_FIFO_IN &
Key Mod3-z
	echo play-file > $PLAYER_FIFO_IN &


This software is licensed under the MIT license.