Boilerplate code for building Procedures for Neo4j 3.0+
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Neo4j Procedure Template

This project is an example you can use to build user defined procedures, functions and aggregation functions in Neo4j. It contains two procedures, for reading and updating a full-text index.

To try this out, simply clone this repository and have a look at the source and test code (including Test-Server-Setup).

This project requires a Neo4j 3.4.x dependency.

User Defined Procedure

The user defined procedure allows you to index and search a explicit Lucene index within Neo4j.

Given properties of a node can be added to indexes named according to the labels of the node. After that the data can be searched with Lucene Syntax.

MATCH (n:Person)
CALL example.index(id(n), ['name']);

CALL'Person','name:Jo*') YIELD nodeId

User Defined Function

The user defined function is a simple join function that joins a list of strings using a delimiter.

See and the

RETURN example.join(['A','quick','brown','fox'],' ') as sentence

User Defined Aggregation Function

The aggregation function example.last returns the last row of an aggregation.

MATCH (n:Person)
WITH n ORDER BY n.born
RETURN n.born, example.last(n) as last

See and the


This project uses maven, to build a jar-file with the procedure in this project, simply package the project with maven:

mvn clean package

This will produce a jar-file,target/procedure-template-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, that can be deployed in the plugin directory of your Neo4j instance.


Apache License V2, see LICENSE