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@chobits chobits released this Mar 25, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Backward incompatible changes

Note that this version is slightly not backwards compatible, some tengine features have been replaced by nginx. Check the following list:

  1. Deprecated Tengine slice module, --with-http_slice_module configure option now works for nginx slice module. Use --add-module=modules/ngx_http_slice_module for original tengine slice module.
  2. Removed Tengine DSO feature, use nginx dynamic modules feature instead.
  3. Removed Tengine reuse_port directive in event {} block, use listen .. reuseport; directive instead.
  4. Put all Tengine's modules to the modules directory. Use --add-module=modules/<tengine_module_name> to compile.
  5. Changed Tengine reqstatus feature. The request counting logic for limit_req is consistent with the Nginx official. Now requests with all empty variable in limit_req_zone are not accounted. Original tengine does not account requests with any empty variable.

New features

  • New module ngx_http_proxy_connect_module, it supports the CONNECT HTTP method for forward proxy.
  • http2 switch adds http2 directive to enable or disable http2 in the server block.
  • Support server_name in Stream modlue, now multiple virtual server blocks could be configured on the same port.
  • Enhanced limit_req_zone rate=$<nginx_variable> parameter of limit_req module, you can set the limit rate per a request.

Changes with Tengine 2.3.0

Changes with Tengine 2.3.0                                         25 MAR 2019

    *) Feature: added proxy_connect module support for the CONNECT
       HTTP method. (chobits)
    *) Feature: added server_name directive for Stream module. (mrpre)
    *) Feature: added req_status_lazy directive for reqstat module. (taoyuanyuan)
    *) Feature: added http2 directive to enable or disable http2
       in the server block. (jinjiu)
    *) Feature: added $ssl_handshake_time variable used for monitoring
       SSL handshake time. (jinjiu)
    *) Feature: added support of variable of limit_req_zone
       parameter rate. (Alaaask)
    *) Change: updated debug_pool module for Nginx 1.15.9. (chobits)
    *) Change: updated documents for reuse_port, dso, limit_req
       directive changes. (chobits, wangfakang)
    *) Change: merged the official limit_req logic. Now will ignore statistics
       when all variable values are empty. (chobits)
    *) Change: the reuse_port, dso, slice directive has been removed and
       use the official features of Nginx. (wangfakang)
    *) Change: updated and modify the official 1.15.9 test cases.
       (chobits, wangfakang)
    *) Change: put all Tengine's modules into the modules directory
       which reduces the intrusion of Nginx's core module. (chobits, wangfakang)
    *) Change: updated the code from Nginx-1.15.9 version,
       Stream, gRPC etc. (chobits, wangfakang)
    *) Change: updated the Lua module to v0.10.14rc4. (wangfakang)
    *) Change: updated the dyups document. (lf1029698952)
    *) Change: changes of the core code are all guarded by macros.
       (chobits, wangfakang, fankeke, hongxiaolong, imkeeper)
    *) Change: rollback  accpte_filter feature. (wangfakang)
    *) Bugfix: fixed compilation error of dyups module compiled
       with a higher version of OpenSSL. (wangfakang)
    *) Bugfix: fixed init_number initialization for dyups. (FengXingYuXin)
    *) Bugfix: fixed the rollback log process that may cause logs
       to be written to a rolled-up file when reloaded. (MengqiWu)
    *) Bugfix: fixed coredump of referring null pointer
       for ssl_verify_client_exception. (chobits)
    *) Bugfix: fixed coredump caused by upgrading core code
       in dyups and session_sticky modules. (wangfakang)
    *) Bugfix: fixed compilation error of limit_req, http2 module. (hongxiaolong)
    *) Bugfix: fixed removes the Unix domain socket file
       when pipe proc close listen socket. (wangfakang)
    *) Bugfix: fixed compatibility for --with-openssl
       and --with-openssl-async. (mrpre)
    *) Bugfix: fixed bug that function ngx_http_top_intput_body_filter
       is removed mistakenly. (chobits)
    *) Bugfix: fixed reuse_port and accept_mutex conflict. (innomentats)
    *) Bugfix: fixed tengine build failure when compiled with
       gcc7 compiler. (wangfakang)

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@chobits chobits released this Nov 12, 2018


  • Security: fixed CVE-2018-16843, CVE-2018-16844 and CVE-2018-16845. (chobits)

  • import from nginx official:

    *) Security: when using HTTP/2 a client might cause excessive memory
       consumption (CVE-2018-16843) and CPU usage (CVE-2018-16844).

    *) Security: processing of a specially crafted mp4 file with the
       ngx_http_mp4_module might result in worker process memory disclosure
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@wangfakang wangfakang released this Jan 29, 2018 · 372 commits to master since this release

new feature

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@taoyuanyuan taoyuanyuan released this Sep 28, 2017 · 422 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #949 from wangfakang/master

fix pipe variable 'ccf' set but not used
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@chobits chobits released this Dec 2, 2016 · 475 commits to master since this release

new feature

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