Transhumanism is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase.
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What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanist FAQ – version 3.0

This is the source repository for

There is only the gh-pages branch, which when pushed to will build the live site.

This is a redesigned version of the Transhumanist FAQ. All content is identical to the original, except for changes in markup, formatting, typography, and such. No authorship is claimed by the creators of this website. For more information, read the about section.


To run the site locally, just make sure you have Jekyll installed, then cd to the root directory of this repository and run jekyll serve --watch. By default, the site will then be available at localhost:4000. Improvements are much welcomed, just suggest them by opening a pull request. If you need more information on how this works, see the GitHub documentation.


Each translation lives in a directory in the site root named after its IETF language tag. This means a two-letter ISO 639-1 language code plus a two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.

When adding or updating a translation, the variable based_on_commit should be set to the value of latest_commit in _config.yml. This way, it can later easily be detected what has changed in the original text, and the diff can be viewed on GitHub.

There is a translation status page at /translation/ that will list all translations that need to be updated because the commit they are based on differs from what is considered the latest commit. Note that this is not in fact the latest git commit, as keeping that value in source code would be logically impossible, but a variable called latest_commit in _config.yml. This also means minor changes can be made to the original without marking translations as outdated, just by not bumping the commit value of latest_commit.

For detailed instructions on how to create or update a translation, see this page.


The graphics in the page header and footer, and on the e-book cover, have been generated through a piece of Processing code, using the Mesh library by Lee Byron. This code lives in _processing/whatistranshumanism/whatistranshumanism.pde. Running it will display a window with a random graphic. Clicking the window will generate a new graphic with its gravity towards the corner of the window nearest the clicked coordinate.

The window can be resized to get a graphic of a different size, and holding the tab key will display the current size (width × height) in pixels. Pressing space will save the current graphic to the processing/whatistranshumanism directory as a .png file named incrementally.

Some source graphics live in Photoshop documents in the _psd directory, which because of the proprietary format is sub-optimal. Until this changes, the project maintainers will generate translated graphics (currently the e-book cover image and the OpenGraph image).


Generating .epub and .mobi files from the HTML is still work-in-progress. To generate e-books for all languages, run the script. This will regenerate the site and make various preparations of the content and finally convert it to both formats using pandoc and kindlegen. If you have access to any devices reading these formats, please help out testing the e-books so they can be improved.