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A small system tray utility written in Qt for displaying network activity for a network interface. Relies on the proc filesystem.
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Networkled is a small system tray utility which gives a graphical indication of the received and transmitted traffic. It has been developed using Qt4 and has been licensed under GNU GPL. 

It relies on proc file system and more specifically on the existance of the file "/proc/net/dev"

Usage: networkled interface
For example:
$ networkled eth0

It can be used with any system tray following the "Free Desktop System Tray Specification" and has a proc file system.

Networkled makes use of Qt's qmake utility to generate Makefile. A typical compilation would be done in the following order:

$ qmake
$ make

For installation, for example if you want to install in your /usr/bin (with root access) do:

# make INSTALL_ROOT=/usr install
$ sudo make INSTALL_ROOT=/usr install

Networkled can also be executed at any Window Manager Startup. For example, if you want to use it with the system tray tint2 with Openbox, you can add it in your ~/.config/openbox/ file. An example file is as below: start
networkled wlan0& stop

For more information, visit:
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