Is a Beagle Board Implementation of SWARMS Communication using LIBUSB, and a client/server python interface using sockets
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Welcome to the SWARMS beagle board angstrom distribution python-based RCDrive library for SWARMS

The SWARMS protocol for USB controllers can be found at, but is not necessary if you're one of the lucky people at the DFL <lab> who already have it implemented!

This code set contains code for compilling a shared library, that connects to SWARMS using libUSB
All the code is here, but you'll need to compile the lib with

You'll also need python; is the code which will set the following states on control:
IP Address port 7337 -- always need a way to remember, huh?

The BeagleBoard's host network is currently: 'EmbeddedControl' with password: BeagleBoardBeagleBoard*123

The client code also exists, and can be found as in this root folder; notice that sending commands from client to server is trivial and requires only socket connections. These sockets are closed after the server replies to a command. 
See socketDriveSpec.txt for the spec which is used to communicate with your beagleBoard server from the client.

To get SWARMS to run at boot, the startup/SWARMSd file is referenced in boot directories... Use vim on SWARMSd to find out where for the angstrom distribution. 

The password for SSH on the beagleBoard at the DFL <lab> is SWARMSbb
The username is root

Related projects: 	is a beagle client program that runs on the iPhone/iPod(?) to drive the RC Car over wifi; it contains portable code for new Cocoa projects 			Contains the code for the SWARMS controller and the OBSC controller. It contains a Documentation directory that shows much about the hirarchy
							>of control for the SWARMS system, and how to implement new SWARMS controllers, or recreate the entire system for additional robots.

Be sure that all components are plugged in:
	The OBSC system's PWM cable is Arrow-to-Arrow with the rc car's drive motor controller; the drive motor controller is ON (with green LED)
	The rc Car's servo motor is plugged in the same orientation as the drive motors pwm cable.
	The TTL line from the SWARMS Controller is plugged into the OBSC system
	The SWARMS controller's USB connection is plugged into a hub wherin the Beagle Board is the host
Be sure that the network is active:
	If the USR1 LED on the BeagleBoard is not lit, be sure that the BB is connected to a LAN network where it can have its ideal IP address and port
	Press the reset button, and eventually the swarms server process (as script) runs and initializes the server and relights the USR1 led
If network commands like 'pause' work, but those like 'drive or steer' don't:
	If the lights on the SWARMS board stop flashing:
		Reset the SWARMS board; perhaps need to reset Beagle Board
	If the network socket inexplicably fails:
		Reset the Beagle and the SWARMS board
	If the PRG button on the SWARMS controller does not turn the RC Car's wheels to one slightly-offset location:
		Try reseting the SWARMS controller, and reseting the drive-motor controller on the RC car to reset the OBSC system

This code is hereby licensed under the MIT License @