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A server application, providing GUI service, providing an opportunity to create GUI frameworks for different programming languages. A connection with your program is established via tcp/ip connection or via regular files. It is written on Harbour (look at and C, GUI layer is provided by HwGUI library ( The official web page is Join the multilanguage group to discuss the GuiServer, External and related issues.

How to build

Project source files: source/guiserver.prg - main file, written on Harbour. source/fconnect.prg source/hbip.c source/listen.c source/misc.c

To compile a GuiServer from sources you will need Harbour, HwGUI and a C compiler.


Build.bat is provided to build guiserver.exe with Borland C compiler. Probably, you will need to change HB_INSTALL and HWGUI_INSTALL variables in this batch file - they should point to your Harbour and HwGUI directories, respectively. Unicode version of HwGUI is necessary for GuiServer.


Use the to compile guiserver. Probably, you will need to change HRB_INS and HWGUI_DIR variables in this shell file - they should point to your Harbour and HwGUI directories, respectively.


You may download some ready binaries from


Just copy an executable file to a folder of your choice. For to not write a full path to it in your applications, add this folder to a PATH environment variable.


extgui.prg and extgui_classes.prg together with hbip.c, listen.c are an implementation of a GUI framework, based on connection with GuiServer, for Harbour.