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Template project to improve project start experience for android
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APT - Android Project Template

all about apps

Use this template project to improve the project setup experience.

Template contains:


Install cookiecutter

Setup a new project

cookiecutter gh:allaboutapps/A3AndroidTemplate

Fill in the following values:

  1. repo_name - name of cloned directory (eg mycards-android)
  2. app_name - app name
  3. package_name - "",
  4. firebase_analytics - Setup firebase analytics
  5. firebase_messaging - Basic setup for FCM
  6. strings_sheet_id - Sheet ID for strings (eg 1234565432345) (AAA internal tool for translations - just leave it empty if you don't know what this is)

Open Source Licenses

The oss_licenses module is setup to generate a html file containing licenses of all dependencies. Just run the gradle task checkLicense to generate everything (Bitrise Step preferred)

The file allowed_licenses.json contains license descriptions that are allowed to be used in our apps. If you find a valid license that is not supported feel free to start a pull request.

Shoing an open source dialog or activity is easy as that:

    val licenseScreenSettings = LicenseScreenSettings(title = "License Screen", showUpArrow = true)
    // open an activity    
    OssLicenseActivity.showLicenses(this, licenseScreenSettings)
    // or open a DialogFragment
    OssLicenseDialogFragment.showLicenseDialog(supportFragmentManager, licenseScreenSettings)

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