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Android Project Template

Use this template project to improve your project setup experience.

all about apps

Template contents:

Project Setup (using this template)

Install cookiecutter and run the following command to fetch and use this template:

cookiecutter gh:allaboutapps/A3AndroidTemplate

Supply the following values when prompted:

  1. repo_name - name of cloned directory (eg myproject-android)
  2. app_name - app name
  3. package_name - "",
  4. package_name_dir - Leave blank to use the previous input for package_name (used to generate the correct folder structure)
  5. string_tool - Choose a string-export tool for this project (none, googlesheet or texterify)
  6. texterify_project_id - project id of your Texterify project - default: empty
  7. texterify_export_config - export configuration id of your Texterify project - default: empty
  8. firebase_analytics - Setup firebase analytics
  9. firebase_messaging - Basic setup for FCM
  10. strings_sheet_id - Sheet ID for strings (eg 1234565432345) (AAA internal tool for localization - just leave it blank if you don't know what this is)


To fetch the latest strings from Texterify run the gradle task updateStrings. The config file texterify.json is located in /app.


The BuildPlugin will register a pre-commit hook to enforce the usage of ktlint and formatted code. (To disable this behavior delete the task in the local BuildPlugin)

Download ktlint and make sure that it can be found on you PATH.

Open Source Licenses

The oss_licenses module is set up to generate an HTML file that contains the licenses for all dependencies. Run the gradle task checkLicense to generate it. (Bitrise Step preferred)

The file allowed_licenses.json contains license descriptions that are allowed to be used in our apps. If you find a valid license that is not supported feel free to start a pull request.

To show the open source dialog or activity do either of the following:

val licenseScreenSettings = LicenseScreenSettings(title = "License Screen", showUpArrow = true)

// open an activity
OssLicenseActivity.showLicenses(this, licenseScreenSettings)

// or open a DialogFragment
OssLicenseDialogFragment.showLicenseDialog(supportFragmentManager, licenseScreenSettings)

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Template project to improve project start experience for android








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