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leaflet.offline version 3.x

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This library can be used to create maps, which are still available when you are offline and are fast when your connection is not. It works in the browser or can be used in an mobile app based on html and in progressive webapps.



With npm

The package and it's dependencies can also be downloaded into your existing project with npm:

# version 3
npm install leaflet.offline

In your script add:

import 'leaflet.offline'


Unpack the file for the release (find them under the releasestab ) and add dist/bundle.js in a script tag to your page (after leaflet and idb).


For running the example locally, you'll need to clone the project and run:

npm i && npm run build
cd docs
npm install && npm run start

You can test your code with npm test. Please configure eslint in your editor if you wish to contribute.

pull requests welcome

Please one feature at a time, if you can split your PR, please do so.

Also, do not mix a feature with package updates.


Generate docs with

npm run-script docs