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A React website to generate the skeleton for a BZFlag 2.4 compatible plug-in
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BZFlag Plug-in Starter 3

A UI wrapper around bzfPluginGen built with React to generate the skeleton of a BZFlag 2.4 compatible plug-in. This is the successor to version 2 of this project, which was written as a monolithic Vue.js project.

This website will allow you to generate the skeleton of a plug-in that supports the following:

  • Custom BZDB settings
  • Custom callbacks
  • Custom flags
  • Custom map objects
  • Custom poll types
  • Custom slash commands
  • Event registration


This project pulls from the official documentation and generates JSON files used by this website to generate documentation in the plug-in skeleton.

This data is necessary in order to build the website.

Fetching Data

To fetch the appropriate data, run the following command.

yarn data


There are scripts for local development and production builds.

# Local development
yarn start

# Production build
yarn build

Reporting Issues

This project is very modular and uses information from other repositories. Unless there is a bug in the website's behavior, keep the following in mind:

  • If there is an error in the generated documentation, send a PR to the repository
  • If there is an error in the C++ generation, create an issue in the bzfPluginGen repository



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