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AllenNLP Template Project using your own python script

A template for starting a new allennlp project using your own python script, instead of config files and allennlp train. For simple projects, all you need to do is get your model code into the class in my_project/, your data loading code into the DatasetReader code in my_project/, and configuration code in my_project/ (the build_* methods), and that's it, you can train your model with python We recommend also making appropriate changes to the test code, and using that for development, but that's optional.

See the AllenNLP Guide for a quick start on how to use what's in this example project. We're grabbing the model and dataset reader classes from that guide. You can replace those classes with a model and dataset reader for whatever you want (including copying code from our model library as a starting point). The very brief version of what's in here:

  • A Model class in my_project/
  • A DatasetReader class in my_project/
  • Tests for both of these classes in tests, including a small toy dataset that can be read. We strongly recommend that you use a toy dataset with tests like this during model development, for quick debug cycles. To run the tests, just run pytest from the base directory of this project.
  • A script to configure the model, dataset reader, and other training loop objects, in my_project/ The build_* methods are meant to be changed according to however you want to setup your training run. You probably don't need to change the run_training_loop function. To train the model just run python after doing pip install allennlp.


A template for starting an allennlp project using a python script instead of config files






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