instruments JavaScript in .js and .html files with fondue
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Connect/Express middleware that automatically instruments all the JavaScript on your web site with fondue, including files served as application/javascript, and script tags in files served as text/html.


It passes options through to fondue:

app.use(require('fondue-middleware')({ tracer_name: '__my_tracer' }));

Included Shell Scripts / Examples

fondue-server serves the current directory with express.static() on http://localhost:3000/.

fondue-proxy starts a proxy server at http://localhost:8080/ that proxies whatever is running on http://localhost:3000/.

What do I do with this?

You can use the fondue API on the page site itself (in the browser) by accessing the global __tracer object. I use this technique and a second middleware to automatically embed a JavaScript debugger onto every page of a web site.

This does not make your page suddenly debuggable by Theseus. But if you start a WebSocket server from the page then you could mimic node-theseus's simple server to get that going.