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Tabs: Properly handle documents containing <base> tag #668

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See discussion at: jquery/jquery-ui#709

Rene Kapusta


thank you for your contribution :-)
We'll need to ask you to do two easy tasks...

Unfortunately we can only accept pull request from official contributors -- you'll just need to sign the contribution agreement (it's free -- and if you'd like to be add as contributor to the website, just send your details).
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unfortunately we haven't received a contribution agreement yet.
Did you send one, or do you intend to send one?
Kind regards.

Johannes Schüth

I'll close this pull request because the contribution agreement was not signed.

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Aug 12, 2012
artwist artwist Tabs: Properly handle documents containing <base> tag
See discussion at: jquery/jquery-ui#709
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  1. +1 1  src/plugins/common/ui/lib/tab.js
2  src/plugins/common/ui/lib/tab.js
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ define([
74 74 this.panels ='panels');
75 75 = 'tab-ui-container-' + (++idCounter);
76 76 this.panel = $('<div>', {id :, 'unselectable': 'on'});
77   - this.handle = $('<li><a href="#' + + '">' +
  77 + this.handle = $('<li><a href="' + document.location.href + '#' + + '">' +
78 78 settings.label + '</a></li>');
79 79
80 80 for (i = 0; i < components.length; i++) {

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