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The History Panel (Joplin Plugin)




  • Saves your Joplin note browsing history in a Joplin note.
  • Displays note history in a dedicated panel.
  • Displays links between history items in a "thought trails" view.
  • Displays frequently visited notes.


app preview


  1. Install the History Panel plugin from the Joplin app settings.
  2. Create a new designated note to keep your history logs, which will be formatted and displayed in the history panel.
  3. While this note is open, set your history note from the Tools menu --> History --> Set history note.
  4. Set additional preferences in the History Panel settings dialog, such as the Min seconds between history items and the Days of history to keep.

Use cases

The above setup enables some interesting use cases.

  • View your (desktop) history on mobile by opening the history note.
  • Sync and combine your history across devices.
  • Keep separate histories for work, different projects and so on, by maintaining multiple history notes and switching between them during app use.
  • Backlinks / referrers will point back to all the visits of the currently viewed note that are documented in any of the history logs.

A tutorial on additional Joplin plugins for knowledge management: